Outdoor Awareness Registration

Outdoor Awareness Flyer 2017

Kids will come and learn about the outdoors.  The topics that will be covered this year will be:

  • Bird Migration:  Learn about the resource needs of migrating birds, as well as the challenges they face, while acting out the role of birds in this activity.
  • Benthos Sampling:  Exploration of life in the benthos, the bottom of a water body, will reveal a community of rarely seen organisms from different levels of the food web.  We will learn how to determine the environmental health of a water body through the identification of animals present.
  • Insect Netting:  Use aerial nets to catch live insects.  We will put them in jars for a close-up look, and then release them to fly once again.
  • Tree Huggers:  Use sticks, leaves, clay, yarn and imagination to create Tree Huggers.  Create a fantasy story about your Tree Hugger’s adventures in your story journal.
  • Recycling/Conservation
  • Snakes of Southeast Texas


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